Leisure boating - Invasive species management

Few are aware of that all vessels may play a great part in introducing invasive species in the Baltic Sea. In small vessels, the boat hull and smaller details may serve as a perfect landing ground for several species. Leisure boats in particular have a different traffic pattern, compared to that of commercial ships, since leisure vessels may visit remote and natural locations all over the Baltic Sea region. Sailing- and motorboats from across the coastline may come together at various marinas, serving as possible hot spots for invasive species and secondary spreading of unwanted aquatic species. Therefore, all efforts towards minimizing these risks are more than welcome, and it is important that everyone in the leisure boating sector can reach information and contribute to protect our Baltic Sea.

The following publications can be used as aids for minimizing the risk of introducing invasive species in the Baltic Sea and are especially relevant for marinas, boating associations and boaters. All documents have been created by the COMPLETE and COMPLETE PLUS projects.

Recommendations for mitigating potential risks related to biofouling of leisure boats

This document gives an introduction on the issue of invasive species and gathers recommendations for boaters to minimize the risks of spreading unwanted species.


May be used as hand-out material for leisure boaters and includes short bullets on how to prevent the spread of invasive species.

Proposal for a Regional Baltic Biofouling Management Roadmap

This document provides the COMPLETE project outputs and deliverables related to biofouling management in the Baltic Sea Region, contributing to the implementation of the IMO Guidelines for the control and management of ships' biofouling to minimize the transfer of invasive aquatic species, and the Guidance for minimizing the transfer of invasive aquatic species as biofouling (hull fouling) for recreational craft in the Baltic Sea Region.

Supplementary recommendations for a secure maintenance of Drive-in boat washers

This short report provides preliminary information concerning the quality of waste produced in a boat washer (in-water cleaning).

Recommendation on hull cleaning practice to reduce discharge of substances from antifouling paint

This report contains recommendations for in-water hull cleaning practice to reduce the removal and discharge of substances in the case when cleaning is conducted on antifouling paints.

Guidance documents for biofouling management

In the COMPLETE PLUS project, the contents of the Proposal for a Regional Baltic Biofouling Management Roadmap were translated into HELCOM documentation for consideration in the HELCOM framework.