The aim of the COMPLETE PLUS project is to explore how the results and outputs of the earlier COMPLETE project can be implemented and operationalized to ensure their sustainable use by all relevant actors and stakeholders. Therefore, during the COMPLETE PLUS project, a series of online meetings were held for potential end-users representing different backgrounds and countries to demonstrate and use the multi-criteria decision support tool for biofouling management developed within the earlier COMPLETE project. In these meetings, the main results of the tool were presented and the feedback from the end-users considering the benefits and drawbacks of the tool and possible future development was collected. This memorandum presents the results of these on-line meetings. Based on the results, the tool is useful for increasing the comprehensive understanding about the complex biofouling issue and to study the general trends of the issue. However, a user-friendlier software is needed where the modifications are easy to make by the end-users.